Changes and constants

Hi there dear reader!

I hope you are well and enjoying the end of a long summer as fall breezes in. I do want true peace to come land in your hearts and your homes amidst what is occurring in the world. I also want you to be cozy.

 As I write to you today from my oversized plush couch looking out the sliding glass door watching the cars go by, I am reminded of the seasons that change right before our eyes. Some the warmth of summer will fade into the coolness of fall before welcoming us into winter’s chill. The weather is not quarantined.

As I look up from my computer screen to see the cars go by, I am reminded of the ordinary that continues to occur. Even in the circumstances and chaos around, cars still drive on by as people go about their day. People are not ceasing their lives. Some things continue on.

I recently moved to the Midwest to start worship school. Monday night our school gathered to hear a sermon. As the speaker opened her bible shared with us, she said, “God delights in you and I don’t want that to ever get old for you. Or for me.”

It is easy in the day to day to take this constant as the normal. A piece of the routine. The status quo. Yet, the words mean so much more than that.

God is excited to see you and me. God is happy to have conversation with you and I. God is pleased greatly when He is around us, meaning He feels happy and satisfied and even enjoys being around us. God loves us and likes us.

In this time where there is such physical, social and emotional distance in our world, how sweet that a constant is that our God wants us. He does not want that distance between us. In fact, He has done everything to remove that distance. All so that He can show us He delight in us.

As the seasons change and the cars keep rolling by, this one thing does not change, God loves you and likes you.

like a rose in bloom

or weddings in June

You delight in me

this is always true

A short update for you: I want to start giving you all weekly updates on how school is going, sharing the things learned, experienced and embraced here during this season with you dear reader. Also, if there is any way I can be praying for you, please leave a comment or email me. I look forward to sharing this part of the journey with you!

Grace and peace,


1 thought on “Changes and constants

  1. Mary Lee Beatty October 7, 2020 — 7:23 pm

    Glad to see you are doing your Blog again. I alway enjoy getting them from you. May God Bless you as you learn and pass things on to us. May this truly be a God centered time in your life. Love you, Gran’B


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