A week ago, I sat on a picnic bench looking up at the blue country sky. The charming farmhouse and converted barn apartment gave great space to just be and channeled my inner Anne of Green Gables as the sun beamed down and the breeze blew against my skin. The farm was lined with white fences. As I sat on the wooden bench, I imagined horses trotting around inside these fences once upon a time ago.

Amazing how a boundary, like a fence, provides a safe space to be. Think of how the horses got the space to run and roam while giving the riders space to learn how to guide the horse before venturing out into the wild.

And now, I sit back at home just a week later and there are fences blocking people from going to the beach down the road. There is a sign keeping people from entering restaurants. There are curfews acting as fences restricting store owners from staying open late and letting in too many people. It’s leaving wonderings about how long these limitations will last and uncertainty around when things will go back to how they were.

This all feels so surreal and as I walked outside today under the blue sky and sunshine, I wonder, how does the sun still shine?

Amazing how some things are constant. That uncertainty or feeling distant from others doesn’t stop the day from going on or take away our choice to be present. The sun still rises. It still shines.

We still get a new day to live.

The fences that are around us right now are real. Our feelings about them may vary from moment to moment. But maybe, they are there for us enjoy the space we are in, providing shelter to safely roam until it is time to venture into the wild again.

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  1. Such a beautiful perspective! Love and miss you!

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