just show up

Just show up. I used to tell my ex-boyfriend that. Whenever I felt uncertain or doubt in our relationship he asked me what to do. I said just show up.

Didn’t realize I was talking to me.

It feels scary, showing up for life, day in and day out. Grace helps and lessens the fear. Un-attaching makes it feel less intense. But really, it’s not easy wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

It makes it seem ideal to hide away.

Wild how when we get alone with ourselves, things just go kaput. When I get alone with Jesus everything feels, well, better. To thy own self be true. Being true to myself helps lessen the blow. When I stay in my lane and respect me for me, I feel present. The feelings that are just too much for me well, go away. It makes it easier to not say just show up, but actually do it.

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