moment by moment

moment by moment

day by day

You remain

Moment by moment is a phrase that continues in my mind over this past month.

Resting upon the couch, phone in hand, my mind reflects. Overwhelming is a great word for the past month. My car, stacked with boxes and bags, drove north towards my new home. Timid feet found their way back to work. And last week, I found myself back in my home state while walking with family during uncertainty.

A lot of life has happened. My feels

don’t know where to land. Do I feel happy and excited about the new move? Do I rest in feeling sad and uncertain about what’s going on back home?

I don’t know because, to be real, things-feelings, facts, and circumstances-continue to shift moment by moment.

And You move with it. In uncertainty, You stay unshaken. Constant.

We may not know where are feelings are at any given time, but here is beauty- moment by moment and day by day as everything else seems to change, You remain.

1 thought on “moment by moment

  1. The unknown is always a bit intimidating and scary. But you know your God is already in your tomorrows. He has the table set and the food ready. Come and dine He tells us. Trust Him that He will give you what you need when you need it. 

    Praying for you Danielle 💕


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