With Us

I laced up my sneakers and went out for a run this morning. Setting out, I decided what I was running for. Sometimes it’s distance. Sometimes it’s time. But not today. Today the goal was to run and just enjoy it.

As my legs took me on the paths through our neighborhood, my mind roamed from thoughts of the show we watched last night to God to questions about the future. Funny how when I put my body in a pattern my mind has space to meander through thoughts that tend to fleet by in the day to day.

My mind lingered on these questions and I found my eyes deviating from the sidewalk. I gazed out to the road or the group of people talking across the street. Keeping focus this morning and staying present in the moment felt more like the exercise than the run!

Continuing on, my thought began coming to, “Just keep your eyes on Me.” This lyric from Jenn Johnson’s song Come to Me kept resonating in my mind and drifting into my heart as I gazed forward. “Come to Me, come to Me, I’m all that you need.”

Making my way to the end, a car jutted out of the driveway blocking my path home. I cut across the drive into the road taking a detour. Only for a few moments, I found myself off course before finding an opening back to the sidewalk.

Sometimes, we deviate from the path. Obstacles block the course set-out, drifting our hearts and eyes on things that, well, aren’t it. But, I love how God comes off course. To be on the detour together with us.

I see it in Miriam when she got a chance to be alone with God for a week. With Moses out in the desert.

In the spaces off the path that we think get us where we should be, He shows up and leads us where we need to be.

Why? Why would God do that?

Because He loves us. He wants to be here. With us. On and off the path.

1 thought on “With Us

  1. Glad to see you you got out another “Become”. I have missed them. Yes, it is a bit strange, even when we have to make a detour, or change our directions, how God will show up wherever we are. Maybe in a beautiful landscape, or lovely tree, or people we pass. HE always wants to be with us, if we will just notice him, acknowledge HIM and even Praise him for “finding us”. For me, he showed up at Aldi yesterday. First a nice lady passed on her cart to me (would not take my quarter) said just pass it on. as I was leaving, there were two ladies getting out of their car so I said “if you would like my cart, I’ll unload it and pass it on to you. They came over — helped me unload the cart. One bag had lots of bananas in it, I commented “I’ll be making banana pudding” right away they said — “we’d like to go home with you”/ As I commented that banana pudding was a good old Southern dessert–they asked where I was from. Would you believe one lady, had lived in Augusta, knew the area well. When I told you my aunt lived in Evana — well she had a relative that had lived in Evans. Previously her sister lived in Martinez–(where Frankie and Don had lived). She knew all the areas and she was so nice. So I think God sent her so I could meet a nice “Southern” lady right there in the parking lot. Glad you had a nice run, keep telling me ab out your experiences. Love you 😃🌼


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