Filled up

We have a water pitcher at our house. One of the Brita kind with the filter on the top where you pour water in and it slowly trickles down.

When I lived by myself, I let the pitcher get bone dry before filling it up again. Every last drop poured out before going back to the faucet.

Now, living with my family, that water pitcher gets filled up more frequently. And well before it is dried out, making sure there is more than enough for everyone.

I didn’t realize how much I was practicing that extremism in my spiritual life as well. Waiting until I was bone dry, if you will, before going to the spiritual well. Before practicing what truly connects me closer and deeper to my Saving One.

Today, I stand in my room on a Sunday morning breaking a ritual of being dressed with a bible in hand out the door already. Instead, a backpack is on my back, a swimsuit on my body and the smell of sunscreen fresh in the air.

Our rituals and habits can change based on what we need.

But our Saving One doesn’t change. Constantly ready to fill us up when we are bone dry or just in need of a top off. Sanctuary bound or sand in between toes for Sunday worship.

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