Taking it in

Three weeks in with the supplements and I feel energy coming back. Lifestyle changes aren’t running in the front of my mind anymore and the routine seems realistic. It didn’t start out so breezy though.

The first few days I took iron on an empty stomach first thing and waited at least 15 minutes before eating, just like the instructions say. My morning flowed as usual and I’d find myself eating breakfast before driving off. I thought nothing of it.

This week though, things changed. I started working out in the mornings.

On Monday, I take iron and go work out.


Nothing is in my stomach. Just this pill, which is already tough on digestion. I race through our house and spend half the time I wanted to spend working out helping something work its way out something of my GI tract.

The next day, I mix it up. No iron before working out. But the same thing happens.


It left me holding off on working out Wednesday morning because, to be honest, I didn’t want to go through that again.

Annoyed, I laced up my sneakers that night and went out to the backyard. Grabbing the weights and breaking a sweat, the thoughts I clung to untangled.

What if, the iron needs something to help break it down? To move it out my stomach and into my body?

And then my thought turns to how this is like walking with Jesus. I can supply my mind with reading my bible and devotionals, even grab for the lexicon and concordance. Without prayer, it just sits in my mind not moving into my heart.

There is beauty when the two pair together. The everlasting promises and love story entwined in present conversation. Souls connect. Emotions express. And thoughts in heads unravel into paths leading to Jesus.

I feel truth in this process and talk with Jesus. Breaking down the word and it becoming a part of me.

Digesting truth, if you will, so that it becomes the very thing fueling me. All of me.

Oh yeah, and the food thing. I tried iron, waited 15 minutes, ate something lite and worked out. It worked. Maybe all I need is something to help take it all in.

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