Quick Fixes and Healing

“I think I know the problem to your fatigue,” said my doctor holding my blood test results.

Words I wanted to hear!

“Your levels of iron and B-12 are low.”

Low meaning they barely make the cutoff.

If you know me, this doesn’t make sense that my body is not absorbing the nutrients it needs for energy. It didn’t feel right crashing out every day. It messed with my mind and, as it turns out, low levels of B-12 can cause neuro-psych side effects, like anxiety and depression, in some people.

So, what’s causing it? I eat low inflammatory foods, sleep between 7-8 hours each night and drink half my body weight in water.  I consider myself a healthy person, so what is going on? 

Right after hearing this news my doctor began on the conversation of what we would do if… 

I stopped right there.

I prayed in my head and the next thought was I am healing this.

Only it I wasn’t me thinking to myself. All the anxious thoughts about what to do left my body as that thought filled in.

Ok, I trust You Jesus. Thank You for the healing You are sending me, I thought back.

After that, my doctor and I discussed a plan to raise those levels with supplements, diet changes and daily exercise. 

I wanted something that makes it better fast. A quick fix.

That’s not happening.

Each morning I wake up and take an iron pill and each night B12. It is not instantly fixing things, but it is giving my body more exposure to the nutrients it needs. 

What is happening is daily choices. I am given the choice to wake up and take this supplement. To roll out my yoga mat, lace up my sneakers or grab dumbbells and exercise. To eat foods that carry the things my body lacks. To go along with, well, building my body again.

And you know what?  I feel better, stronger and mentally sounder. 

And the thought comes, this is like relating with Jesus.

Every day I get the choice to take that scriptural supplement (if you will indulge my metaphor) spending time reading His love letter to me. I get to share, listen and receive from prayer with Him throughout the day. I get to let His love flow in and out of me, as I relate with others. I get to nourish our connection in what I take in through my eyes, ears and thoughts. 

And the coolest thing of all, Jesus is right there. In each and every choice. Holding my right hand. Healing me as His love flows in, the same way He is healing my body as it gets what it needs.

The choices, they become simple.

The fix feels real.

Maybe it wasn’t the quick fix I needed after all. Maybe it’s the process of healing.

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