Hey there

Hey there dear reader,

I started working again. And I began focusing on the pieces that I felt I missed the first go round of working-the self-care, the breaks, the quality over quantity time with family and friends.

It’s been a whole lot of life focus.

And what I have been missing is identity. It feels simple to wrap who I am up into what I do, what I produce, what I know, how I act or where I go.

But the thing I am finding peace in is resting in who I be.

I’ve been trying to find a routine that works best with the new work schedule to show myself that I can do it all. So, I tried something I’ve known since elementary school. A morning quiet time.

I set my alarm for 30 minutes earlier and awoke to the sound of the chimes softly waking me. My feet guided me out to the back porch, underneath the star covered sky where daylight hinted at coming up.

I opened my bible and began in Psalms. Then the thought came to my mind 1 Corinthians 3. I flipped the pages there and began reading.

1 Corinthians 3:9 caught my heart: For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.

For we are God’s fellow worker’s.

We get to work with God.

You are God’s field.

We get to be where God grows life!

God’s building.

We get to be the place that houses God and what God is up to.


It’s not proving myself or what I can do. It’s letting go and letting God come do what He wants to do. And that’s who we are. Someone working alongside God and what God is doing.

How cool is that?

I feel beauty and peace in just being. In letting go of what needs to be done, or what I think needs to be done, and just be me.

I want to write again more regularly to you. Now that the transition has ended of getting back to work, I want to keep our conversations going. Thanks for your patience in my absence. It’s been restful, growing and good.

Grace and peace to y’all dear readers.


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