A walk around the block

Dear reader,

Thank you for your patience with my silence these past weeks. Life has been, well life. And I am learning that a walk around the block changes things.

Last week, as my eyes opened to look out my window to see grey clouds hanging low and wind blowing the palm trees in the morning, I felt a shift. As I my feet landed on the floor, the rain began to start. Soft at first. Then a pour.

I sat myself down at the computer, ready to write, finish an online training and get packed up to head out of town for the weekend. Not finding rest or peace in this rainy day, I turned to what I knew.


In a break between downpours, I laced up my sneakers and jogged around our home’s block a few times. My mind wandering and then coming back to the praise I found in the moments of resting in the Presence of the One this morning. I didn’t really take anything in around me. Just hustled on.

That day felt like a whirlwind of feelings and thoughts. I look around.

I looked around and I’ve been here before. Filling out applications, getting ready to take jobs, packing to travel and back at the keyboard ready to type. And yet this time something is different. My mind won’t slow.

I click out of my writing screen to my email and read through a weekly post. Words from Shelly Miller reminded me that Sabbath is an atmosphere of rest, not just a date.

Rising from my seat, I took a walk around the block with Grammy wanting this tension to break. Holding onto our hats as the wind blew and the sun shone in the blue sky, we slowed down to rest.

Walking, we stopped to see the growth at the end of the corner where Irene’s home looks like a garden. We talked about sadness and reality. About past neighbors. About life. About training and aging. It’s the same block I walked this morning and yet completely different.

Something is fresh.

You are here.

Sitting down again, I lean back against the wicker-backed chair and feel Jesus’ presence with me as I go through this again. It may look the same yet this time is unique. And resting in the arms of the One who saved me is comforting in greater depths than I knew.

I don’t know the season that you are in right now. I do know that every season is intentional and matters. I do know that God uses all of it. Press into walking with Jesus hand in hand each step of the way. The road may be a new one, or it may be a trip back around on the old block. Whichever it is, it is worth walking with our Constant Friend.

Next week we will return to our Identified series and regular postings. Until then I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, experiences and prayers.

Best and bless,


2 thoughts on “A walk around the block

  1. Mary Lee Beatty April 30, 2019 — 3:14 pm

    Yes, I, too walked around the block, and part way on another. I admired things Jesus has made, praised him when the bird chirped a beautiful song, enjoyed the gentle breeze—–BUT I hate to say I did not “feel” Jesus walking with me. I probably had too many other things on my mind. I will try later when it is cooler, to walk again— this time asking Jesus to be my companion.

    – Thank you for helping me want to concentrate on HIM as my Friend, Lord, and Companion as we walk together. – Danielle, keep up the good writing. I find each BLOG helpful and enjoy reading each one. Love you so much. Gran’B


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