There’s a song by Imagine Dragons, “Roots”, that says ‘I’m going back to my roots.’ The words played like a soundtrack in my mind when on a pilgrimage of sorts to Chicago. I thought if I went there, I would know what family was and learn more about where my family came from. Perhaps a deeper connection to them may emerge as I learned more. I wanted to find my roots.

I didn’t.

I ventured on to other places. Where were my roots?

I sat on a friend’s couch in my hometown in Florida and thought my heart feels deep here. I had sleepovers in the bedroom down the hall, parties in the kitchen and drove into their driveway to be greeted like I was coming home from years away.

I want to look for myself. In these walls. On these streets.

Ready to turn down the corner and see myself come running toward me.

Looking for me when in actuality I was running from living.

Running from something is exhausting. Running towards something though, well, that’s healing.

Truth be told, the thing I wanted to run towards is the very thing firmly planted inside of me. The thing that I wanted most grew up in me all this time.

Your spiritual roots go deeply into His life. You are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way. (Colossians 2:7)

The very roots searched for are Christ’s, deeply ingrained in our hearts. His roots are the ones I searched for. And all along, I just had to be still (which again brings another song to mind, ‘Defender’ by Rita Springer).

Feel the ground beneath my feet.

And it’s Jesus. Truly and wholly it is Jesus whose love is entrenched inside my life.

We are rooted in Christ. 

We can run towards life infused by His strength.

As we deepen being rooted in Christ, we get the opportunity to relate. To walk with Christ along solid grounds.

Turns out my roots have been beneath me all along. Growing deeper and deeper into connection with You in the present moments.

To live freely loved and like by the One.

The One who has been there all along.

2 thoughts on “Rooted

  1. Mary Lee Beatty April 4, 2019 — 9:44 pm

    Again VERY Good — I always enjoy your Blogs. When I was very young and growing up I was deep in my “roots”. Because I spent so much time with my grandparents — they were my roots. We didn’t know very much about Ancestry — we just lived some each day. It was interesting to look at some very old portraits that hung in the middle bedroom at Mama Kinard’s I later learned they were my “great-grandparents” — there was also a portrait of a young man — I learned he was Daddy Kinard’s brother who was accidently shot while out hunting. I think probably extended family was another way I learned my roots. Great aunts and uncles, mother and daddy’s cousins and the church family there at St. John’s Baptist church. We we live in such a different world now. Then there was no TV, but I think both my grandparents had radios — but even they were so different. News did not go across oceans like it does now. You you lucky to hear about local or nearby things. I want to feel your “roots” were in the neighborhood where you grew up– and family you could relate to. I can imagine that being in Chicago with Judy and Tom probably gave you some insight as to what life may have been like for you grandparents Meyer and their family. Fortunately she is still living and can actually tell you more about their roots, and even yours. You and I both know your “roots” are with Jesus — because he loves you so much — and so do I

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    1. Mmhmm, love that phrase that y’all lived a little bit each day. We don’t often think about where we came from. Yet I agree with you, we know where we are rooted. ❤️ love you too!


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