Standing Secure

Down at the beach there is a jetty. This pile of rocks separating the ocean from the intercostal is so FUN! I love getting to stand up on the rocks to hear and watch the waves break. I love sharing the experience with my friends or others who have ventured their way onto the pile. I love getting to see the people on the beach splash in the tide. It’s straight enjoyment!

When I step one foot up from the wet sand, I feel my other foot sink down into the earth. Just before rising up to plant my other foot on the jetty’s solid rock, I feel shaky. Off balance. I then lift the foot that sunk down onto the solid surface.

Whew. Safe!

After walking the mile to get there, my legs feel wobble. It’s weird to be still, no longer walking on the sand where I am pulling my legs up or through the tide. Honestly, it takes a solid minute for me to stop hustling and halt. To stop hurrying and enjoy.

And then it shifts. I am still. It is peaceful. I hear the waves lapping on the rocks next to me. I see them break, splattering drops of ocean onto me. I stand secure.

I felt a little uncertainty when I transitioning from doing life on my own strength and (trying) to figure it all out to stepping up on the solid rock that is Christ.

When I stop and surrender my thoughts and feelings and desires over to Jesus every moment of the day as they come up, He meets me there. In that moment. Taking the ground beneath me that feels shaky and making it solid.

There’s a whole let less for me to do and a whole lot more to enjoy. It felt unfamiliar at first. But, with each surrendered moment, it becomes more reliable.  With each choice to let the anxiety go and depend on Christ’s security, I feel peace. With each moment of releasing the hustle to solidly stand in favor and savor, I feel joy.

That security gives us ground to stand on. Moving each step forward with an appropriate amount of confidence trusting God with our weaknesses and depending on God’s strength.

Today, I was reminded that we are secure in Christ. That our security is in Him alone. And that I get to take each step by faith.

If it feels a little wobbly in your world right now, I hear you. It’s shaky ground out there! I want you to know that there is security.

It’s Jesus.

And He will be with you as the waves crash and the ground sinks. And He will be with you when the place where you stand becomes solid and the foundation beneath you firm. He will stay with you always.


Because He loves you and likes you.

1 thought on “Standing Secure

  1. Mary Lee Beatty March 15, 2019 — 12:33 am

    I especially liked this one — the pictures added so much. Who took the picture of you standing on the rock? I just love that one. Maybe you could think about writing a short story on this theme and using this as part of it. I would love to see it published. I think it has sooooo much meaning !! I truly believe you have a “gift” for putting things into words, now the pictures add a lot. I was reading from Max Lucado recently “Because of Bethlehem”. His word pictures almost makes you feel like you are there. You have done a lot of that with this Blog — I just wonder if a story could not develop it even more. Thanks for sharing these with me. I am trying to put them all in one file so I can go back and re-read some of them. Love you so very much.


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