The Field

I see You standing there and my toes lift off, grazing the soil.

My feet drift lightly over the soft grass, as I begin running through the field to pursue You with all my zeal.

I do not see the patch of flowers before me. I feel the dew covered daffodil petals sticking to my ankle as I go after You.

I see it now.

Your face softly smiling as I get closer.

I think Your eyes look right into mine, like You understand.

Then, You step out.

As we move, the distance closes.

Your arms stretch out open and I fall right in.

You pull me close.

I hear Your heart beating as warmth rushes in.

In the middle of that field, You whisper in my ear the words I need to hear.

I am loved.



Never alone.

You hold me tight.

Your hand caressing the back of my head.

Our gazes meet, telling this tale of love.

You’ve been here all along with affection, so freely unaffected by our past.

I rise up on my tiptoes as a new pulse in my heart begins to flow through my neck, cascading off my lips and onto Your cheek.

The corner of Your mouth rises into a smile and I know my message is received.

I love You too and want You to know that I only want to be right here.

Next to You.

4 thoughts on “The Field

  1. Mary Lee Beatty March 6, 2019 — 9:41 pm

    Yes, you are Loved, Accepted, And Adored. God wants you to know this, and I surely do also.



    1. Yes God does! ❤️
      And I surely do hear you hear you and felt that love, acceptance and adoration from both of you!


  2. Such a lovely way to envision this moment of belonging ❤️


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