You are worth it

I didn’t feel worthy.

All because one person rejected me.

I don’t write that lightly. And I don’t write that to gain pity. I write that to let you know that rejection matters. No matter how thick skinned I thought I was, I felt insecure.

Rejection became a source that I wanted to go back. Oh they will just reject me anyway what does it matter if I stress out? That’s just my life right?


I have value. I have worth. Reject is not my identity.

I LOVE questions! And I LOVE the Bible. And I am LOVING this verse where the Bible asks a question.

Or do you not know that you’re body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?

Um, no Paul I did not know that about myself. I mean I experienced the Holy Spirit, but knowing that the Holy Spirit lives inside me daily, rather than rejecting me, no I didn’t know that.

You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.

Yes, I heard that one there. Jesus Paid it All I sang at camps, but what did that mean?

What thoughts, feelings or instincts come up reading that you are valued? Seriously pause and ask yourself.

What came up for me was my head knew the words but my heart didn’t.

God says I have value.

God says I am worth living life with.

For no reason other than He wants me.

He loves me.

He likes me.

I hid my beauty for a long time. I whipped my hair up in a ponytail or shrugged a sweatshirt over me (which living in Florida made it heck hot!) hiding away.

I got scared, really scared that if I caught attention from others than I would be hurt. Or hurt them. I hadn’t figured out what happened the first time I got rejected. So hide out until you figure it out. That is what I thought.

Fear likes to pull the past out of wherever it was so calmly resting and say, remember last time?

Yes I do, thank you very much!

I talked back with those voices for far too long.

Neil Anderson writes that the only thing the voices can do is shout at you from the windows. They can’t touch you. They can’t change you. We are the ones who choose to look up, see them and respond to what they have to say. That changed the game for me. 

Faith is not about fighting the voices. It’s receiving truth. It’s not about hiding away while I get it all figured out. It’s about standing in the light and letting God’s love fill. Even when it’s not all figured out. Even when life doesn’t feel secure.

Fear, that word that held so much power, now gets to go to Jesus. Fear is driven out when there is perfect love.

When we know with our head and heart who we are in Christ we begin to live.

We are not rejected. We are accepted.

We are not worthless. We are valued.

We are loved and liked by God.

I have worth.

I am not my own.

You have worth.

You have value.

How we treat each other matters.

How we treat ourselves matters.

Living in fear put me on the sideline of my life. It said I am not worthy. That I am cheap and useless and not really worth getting to know.

It lied.

Truth is I am valued.

I am worth it.

And guess what?

You are too.

Sinking Deeper: Talk with someone (grab coffee or tea with a friend) or jot down in a journal (y’all I LOVE journaling, like deeply undying love for getting the thoughts on paper!) what it means to you to be valued. What thoughts and feelings come to mind? What is your gut reaction to hearing that phrase?


Print this photo and put it somewhere it can be seen. Or save it on your phone as a background. Let your eyes read your true identity.

Love hearing from you! Seriously, all your thoughts, questions, reflections, I want to hear them! Just jot a message or leave a comment.

Much Love,


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