Off balance

I just finished a workout at the gym and today it felt tough.

As I stepped into a lunge placing one foot behind me, I wobbled. Leaning to my right while stepping up, I caught myself. Weird, I thought brushing it off.

Wanting to power through and a tad embarressed, I wrapped my fingers tight around the weights in my hand. Yet, as I went through the exercise again I lost my balance!

What is happening? Why can’t I do this?! I thought to myself.

Yesterday isn’t today and today isn’t yesterday. Each day brings newness. What worked before may not work now.

Relating with God can feel this way sometimes. Doing the same things to connect to God without tuning in to see what our souls need is like me pushing my body today. Off balance.

Yesterday felt close with connection but today feels distant. Rather than powering through and getting a day done thinking maybe tomorrow will be different, let’s tune in.

One thing doesn’t change, God is continually with us. Holding our right hand through it all.

God didn’t leave. He’s right here with us.

Back at the gym, I put the weights down stepping into that lunge. I came up straight. No wobbling this time. Yeah, there’s no weights. Today my body didn’t need weight. It needed balance and grounding.

I feel grateful for space to slow down and tune in to what we really need. There’s no pushing or striving on this journey. Just being balanced with the One whose always holding our right hand, even when we feel wobbly.

1 thought on “Off balance

  1. Related so hard to this post, just left one of those days at the gym myself. Loved this reminder that every day is different and that’s okay and not a reason to quit. Keep killing it!


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