Relating with You

I am continually with You; You hold my right hand.

I love that imagery!

Of God and me holding hands as we walked across the rooftop-parking garage overlooking the beach outside writing group today. Of God sitting next to me in the wooden lattice chair at Grammy’s kitchen table as I type these words to you. I picture God, elbows propped on the lace tablecloth, smiling towards me.

All because God loves me and likes me.

This constant relationship is freedom.

Our freedom begins when we let Christ into our hearts. That phrase used to rub against me like sandpaper on unfinished wood. I’m open, I’d think.

I didn’t realize how high the walls were around family and friendships. If I didn’t want to talk about something it wasn’t happening. I didn’t realize how deep the hurt was that I tried to control by stuffing it down wanting it to go away. I didn’t realize how the healing could become a space to surrender everything, the past, present and future, back to God.

In all those didn’t’s, God did.

God did see how high the walls were with relationships and went on the other side touching it into dust with one hand. God did hear the hurting of my heart and held tears both cried and stifled while holding me close. God did sit right by my side holding my hand as healing began.

God still is.

God sits with us, like a best friend, by our side through it all.

Faithful, loyal, honest and true.

That’s God.

Right here.

Wanting relationship with us.

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