Weekend drives and enjoying

Dear reader,

Today I write to you from our library’s study room. Yes, there is a Starbucks across the street. Yes, there is a beach a mile down the road with picnic tables I could write at. It sounds odd yet this space feels enjoyable. There are endless learning possibilities here. Sitting here, books on the table and computer at the ready atop desk feels a little like being me. Ever sought that out? A space to feel like you can completely be yourself? School held that space for me. The security in the learning, the process, the growth, the development of knowledge all awakens me into a space where a piece of me comes alive. I feel a little more real.

This weekend, Mom and I drove to Florida’s west coast for a workshop called Words Matter. I really enjoy the speaker having met her this fall. The healing and ministry time that flows from these workshops is sweet, like salve to the soul.

As we got there, I wanted breakthrough. This season of waiting feels long and I don’t know what God is doing. Perhaps getting to root issues may change something inside of me, letting me come back home with something new. With journal and bible packed in my purse, we walked in, ready for God to show.

Worship music began on Friday night and the words flowed from my head and heart. A prayer began asking God what He wanted with this weekend.

Listen and rest.

I like to figure things out and as a recovering figurer it outer, sitting and listening and resting makes me squirm in my chair. I found myself squirming into the electric slide a bit this weekend. I felt my shoulders rise with tension as something would get brought up in conversation and I would pray, “Yes God this is it this is the break through!”

How gently He reminded me.

Daughter, this weekend listen and rest.

I spoke back that I felt disappointed. I wanted more.

Saying yes before God changes what we expect. Saying yes ushers us into connection with God.

Be still and know that I am God and daughter, that comes with experiencing Me.


Daughter, I want you to rest in who I am and enjoy the gifts I want to pour over you.


Daughter, I want you prepared for all I desire to lavish on you.


Daughter, rest. Just be and enjoy Me.

We got in the car leaving the conference late Saturday afternoon and Mom said, We are going to see the sunset and see where the road takes us, she smiled driving along the highway.

What came y’all was freedom. Our toes danced across the soft sand brushing under our feet. We stepped into the gulf as the rushing cold-water draped over our feet then quickly pull away. The soft sea breeze blew our hair up and down and across our faces as we laughed, releasing control and embracing how the wind wanted to move us. We drove along the shore, windows down, singing along to Blackout and the praise coming up from inside us out to the world around us .

Healing is not a destination. There’s no arrival point with it. It’s enjoying the connection that comes experiencing that our Savior is present throughout life. And we get to enjoy the ride.

Pulling over in Lido beach, we parked the car, grabbed our beach chairs from the Honda’s trunk and anchored ourselves in the sand. As the sun slipped lower into the sky, people played on the beach. Kids ran through the sand. Adults dipped their toes in the waves. Fun filled the atmosphere. When the sun slipped beneath the clouds and down into the ocean giving its final orangey glimmer, something unexpected happened.

People cheered. Y’all, I’m talking clapped and hollered and celebrated at the beauty we just experienced!

Celebrated the resting and being, enjoying what God did.

He invites us to be still and know that He is God. To experience His enjoyment each day, just like we did on that sunset drive. Enjoy the comfort that comes from life, like I am today as I sit here writing to you from our library’s study room. Enjoy the healing, experiencing that God is with you in it all. Enjoy the journey because it is fun. Enjoy being real and seeing more of who God is. Enjoy being you, the unique one designed by the One.

Maybe I did experience breakthrough, time to rest, enjoy and just be me this weekend!

I’m off to read and learn. Happy Monday and best as you start this week.

Enjoy what God is doing in and around you!

Grace and peace,


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