dear reader

Alright dear reader,

Part of me feels a little sassy towards myself but part of this whole becoming journey is accepting yourself, right?

If I’m beginning to be who God created me to be it’s gonna mean leaving behind some of these old habits, like judging myself. No I’m not sitting here condemning myself or trying to create a self-help plan or giving some cry for help. I just want to say that this process of accepting myself just as Christ accepted me is rewarding and freeing and comes with being honest. Starting with taking a look at me.

This next verse and truth as I started exploring has been really hard. Not hard in the sense of challenging, the struggle or tough and rough and all that kind of stuff. What I mean is I can’t blow through it. I mean I could but that’s not being honest, vulnerable and true. And as a writer, that’s the one thing I want to bring to you.

I’ve been inspired by those authors before me and one who captivated my admiration promises her readers that with each new book, she aspires to be a better human, growing herself, constantly learning, asking and deepening with each word she writes on the page. She’s always growing. She won’t stay stagnant.

I feel like with each verse I press into I learn more. There’s not an aspiration that I have to prove myself to you. It’s a passion to go deeper and grow firmly rooted in who we are even more.

So the next verse coming to you dear reader, coming on Thursday, but the main thing I want to leave you with is getting real. Getting real is something that is talked about in our culture. Being real. Being honest. Being vulnerable. We toss around these words as if they are commonplace. But what does that all even mean? We can talk about it, but are we living it?

What’s happening to me as I stare at this blank page and this verse is in my head about what it means to get real, is that there’s no hiding place. And that is frighteningly freeing.

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, but dear readers, getting real is not something that just happens overnight. And living a real life takes time. Thanks for being patient with me as I paused for a cause of embracing and letting myself be me. I’m excited to bring the next thing as we journey on this road of becoming.

Grace and peace,


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