I am accepted

Unconditional love and acceptance is human. We desire it and are designed for it.  Rejection tells us we can’t be accepted and how we handle rejection in any form impacts how we receive God’s love. We are in relationship with God and what we practice in relationships here on earth impacts how we relate with our Creator. 

I felt insecure. My mom and dad got divorced when I was little. People spoke into me that it was not my fault that it was between them. Logically I understood. Yeah, it was not my fault, I’d think to myself. Just move on.

But my heart was a different story. It heard that I couldn’t be in a relationship and that mattered. I wondered am I capable of being here, in this relationship? Can I be accepted?

Consequently, that insecurity came into my relationship with my Maker, questioning Him.

Oh how great the love!

Christ gets on our level to connect, saying we are accepted, as we are, where we are. He made us and delights in us. He knit us together in our mother’s womb, places us in our families, making us with purpose and intention.

He wants us in the garden, connecting, walking and talking with Him as He did with Adam and Eve.

God accepts us.Neil Anderson writes that understanding and receiving God’s unconditional love is foundational for all future growth. Growing begins when we let that love in.

Rejection keeps us from seeing how that love is true when our past bumps against truth.

Holding onto the logic felt easier for me than opening up. Afraid and insecure, unknowing what would happen, to feel the pain and say what happened mattered.

What I am learning is God won’t leave. God invites us in. To know Him. To rest in Him. To simply be ourselves with Him.

You are accepted in Christ. Slowly embrace the truth of those words as they sink into your soul this week.

Sinking Deeper:

Take a few minutes this week to sit down and connect with God. For me, it is with my journal open and pen awaiting the words coming out. Do what works for you, a quiet space outside, listening to worship music, following a written prayer, taking a walk. Let these words wash over your mind as you connect, “I am accepted in Christ.” Be ready to listen and hear what comes up. Talk to God about comes up and wait on Him. Listen to how He responds.


God, open me. Open my heart and my mind to You. Open me to receive Your unconditional love.


Our identity truth this week comes from Romans 15:7. Print out this graphic or write the verse out. Place it in a spot where you can see it, save it on your phone as the background or do some other fun thing with it! What we pour in gets poured out and this is a way to let your eyes see truth during the week.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts, reflections, ponderings, questions, prayers and stories in messages and comments!

Grace and peace this week,


P.S.: Neil Anderson wrote a great book, Who I Am In Christ, where the quote from today came from!

2 thoughts on “I am accepted

  1. Love your words, friend. They are necessary and cherished.


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