This past weekend Mom, Grammy and I travelled north to Orlando. A week before the trip, I began to feel anxious at the thought of seeing friend and family. I felt myself begin to save time and energy, wanting to stay at home, as if hunkering down before a storm. I wondered would I have enough to give?

Leading up to this trip in prayer, I continued hearing the Father speak, “I am with you and I will provide.”

I wanted to question and ask how, let me see it. I felt a shift.

God, You are with me. I want to trust You.

This past weekend, we enjoyed every moment of holiday bliss that could come our way. Eating our way through the countries of Epcot holiday treats as we ventured through the showcase, sitting with friends on couches as we swapped stories and gifts, dancing through decorations and singing to new songs with old friends and listening to a choral program that sung to my soul. There were many a time along the way I felt my mind want to check out, grab my phone and scroll or leave the room and just shutdown from the overwhelm. Old patterns.

In fact in one conversation, I noticed myself check out. My shoulders tensed and the room went blurry at the overwhelment of three conversations occurring around me. Panic built in my chest as my gaze focused in on the eyes of the person talking before me. My mind raced, wanting to fill in the gaps of the conversation clearly missed. Breathing out before drawing in air to pretend I was there I heard, come rest.

Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest. That’s not just for when we are depleted. It’s for always. For those moments in the day when going from one activity to another. For the holiday season where it seems like one more gathering or family get together is going to be too much.

God wants us resting with Him always. It’s how He designed it in the garden, for us to rest and enjoy. To take great delight in what we are experiencing, sensing and embracing in the moments surrounding us. To be in joy with God.

God gave space to slow down and reconnect. To surrender how things used to be into His hands, inviting God to create in this season a new story bringing us back to Him.

As we surrender what holds us back from enjoying, we get to experience movement with God. Where there is movement there is trust.

And the trust growing in my heart began with believing that God supplies every need.

Breathing out that last breath, there was freedom to flip the script as insecurity left and I told my new friend I got distracted could you repeat that? With grace and ease we carried on, listening and sharing stories of future dreams as I let out a yawn from our day and the overwhelm around.

A slow morning came as a gift, to rest and recharge from the holiday movement. An opportunity to be welcomed into a friend’s home for an unexpected dessert, while resting, bodies and souls, on their couch. A chance to sit on the sidewalk, swapping memories from trips past, as Mom and I sat eating a hot dog awaiting the train. All sweet moments of rest and recharge reviving as each moment passed without hiding.

I love how God provides what we need as we open up and surrender the thing we think we need to cling to so dearly. Here I was holding on tight to my time and energy, thinking if I didn’t have enough stored up I wouldn’t have what I need. There was an opportunity to receive a deeper rest and recharge from friends and family, far beyond what I could have ever achieved. God just said come to Me and enjoy this season. Enjoy the time with friends and family. Let me recharge you as you trust in Me.

Dear reader, as always, please send any thoughts, ponderings, questions, inspirations and comments my way. I love hearing from you!

Grace and peace as you enjoy this Christmas season!


2 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. Danielle, another very good one. With this illness, God has me in a spot where I must “rest” . I find myself saying “when can we possibly have Christmas here? How will I ever get all these decorations put away? Will my life ever be “normal” again. I have not had an illness like this bronchitis hit me in years and I just have to make myself get up and do basic things — I have so little energy. God is surely saying to me “rest” in HIM. Thank you for your words of wisdom. keep up the good work. Love you


    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Praying healing and rest. Love you Gran B!


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