step forward

step forward.

pulled back.

standing frozen.

where’s the lack?

step again.

pulled back.

still I stand.

waiting uncertain.

will this break?

trying change while standing still.

falling down, to one knee I go.

into depths quite unknown.

up now.

foot in front.

pressing into what pulled back.

motion grows.

forward on.

movement comes from weakness now.

feet down.


moving as grace frees.

following as You lead.



grace and peace!


3 thoughts on “step forward

  1. Mary Lee Beatty August 23, 2018 — 4:26 pm

    After not going on the computer for 2 days, I finally got here this AM. Your Blogs always give me a lot to think about. I am glad you ended with “grace and peace”. Isn’t it amazing what God’s Grace can do for us — help us have “peace”. Trying to “read between the lines” a little, I feel you have not made any decisions about your future because you truly want to follow God and do His will in your life. I am glad you are at a place where you can feel His Grace allowing you to wait on Him to give you HIS direction. Thank you for sharing. Anytime you decide you would like some different scenery, you are most welcomed to come here for awhile. Much Love, Gran’B


  2. Thank you for reminding me to be on my knees when I forgot that is where I can get rid of anger and sin and find His love and peace.

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    1. Yes. Jesus just wants us in His arms resting in His love and peace always.


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