back to basics

back to basics

this season has me back,

back to the basics.

what is love?

is it baby don’t hurt me no more?

is it a crazy little thing?

is it all we need?

is it a drug?

as a culture, we sing about it and use the word with ease.


it’s time to get back

back to the basics.

to love’s power.

affection that goes beyond the surface.

reaches deep.

churns up unknown.

brings out the worst.

brings out intentions for the best.


it’s what we are designed for.

receiving God’s love.

into the depths of who we are.

into our hearts,

our core being.

we can’t keep love in there with heartbreak, bitterness, loneliness and pain.

one will drive the other away.

in fear, shame and insecurity, pushing away love seems easy.

turn it off.

don’t let it in.


wall up.



easy to do those things?




from people?


including yourself.

isolating from God?


pushing away and leaving disconnects us from the very thing we are designed for.


receiving love can seem overwhelming.

things start to come up that we can’t control.

hope comes on the table.

dreams shared.

faith deepens.

i ran away from it.

some push it away.

some distract it away.

we all have ways to get away from uncomfortable.

yet, then we don’t become who God actually designed us to be.

people whom God gets to pour true love into.

people who get to pour God’s love out.

people who get to surrender love back to God.

what could happen to our world if we, as children of God, stopped running from God’s love and ran towards it?

regardless of what happens in our relationships with others?

with openness and willingness to let God do what God wants to do.

how God wants to do it.

when God wants to do it.

what could happen if we opened our hearts to God’s healing?

God’s comfort?

God’s freedom?

God’s love?

to trust who God is.

to receive who God is.

this season has me back,

back to the basics.

back to God’s love.

i can’t help but think of the simple thought that we love because God first loved us.

this is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. and this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. John 3:16, The Message

let’s get back.

back to the basics.

Jesus loves us, this we know.


praying these days is basic.


God, open my heart to Your love. Your true love. and whatever is in the way, distracting from that truth, take it. i just want you.

speak to God out of a place of receiving God’s love this week.

let me know how to pray for y’all!

grace and peace as you live loved this week!


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