I hear your words.

they matter to Me.

come close.

I am here.

listening intently.

wanting you near.

each word you speak matters.

you are heard.

always and forever by Me.


ever start saying phrases that come from those around you? like things your best friend says? or someone at work? or your family?

i love when our friends’ and family’s vernacular gets interwoven to ours. words have such power and artistry. sharing words or phrases feels personal, like swapping secrets.

like that person being woven into our day.

as if being there without being physically with us.

a friend at church taught me the sweetness of the word heard.

he and his roommate used it so frequently that it quickly worked into my everyday repertoire.

we are going out and will be back later.


today was good.


i don’t know what to do next.




the words came in and mattered.

not problems to be fixed.

or advice to be given.

simply letting those words be.

letting ourselves be.

be in that conversation.

in that place.

it got me thinking about prayer.

prayer has always felt personal to me.



integral to life.

talking with God is not always a direct response, like a text or a phone call.

sometimes there is silence.

the silence can trick me into feeling confused.

into doubting what i said.

questioning how i said it.

i forgot that God said heard.

that the Bible says God hear us (exodus 3:7-10 and psalms 40:1-3).

the silence isn’t a space for doubt.

it’s a space to be heard.

to connect.

to rest.

Jesus used to make this space.

on mountain tops.

in gardens.

across seas.

God heard.

the words mattered.

creating that space mattered.

there is something so sweetly awe-inspiring about the fact that God, who created everything, wants to hear what i have to say.

what we have to say.

the response is not advice.

or critique.

or disappointment.

it’s acknowledgement.


it’s being heard.

by God.

who loves us

and likes us.

much love, grace and peace to y’all this week and weekend,


4 thoughts on “heard

  1. I love reading your messages. You have such depth for your age. Always a good reminder that God indeed hears us, even when it might seem our words stop at the ceiling. Silence is good tho too ….that still small voice. Good to be reminded that He not only loves us but likes us!! HA. Love to you, Danielle. You have a special gift the rest of us need….


    1. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words Pat. I receive that and am so grateful to here that you enjoy reading the message. Love to you too!


  2. Becoming closer to God in every minute of the day through this blog. ❤


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