jesus loves us

this week is filled with running, playing, story telling and a lot of smiling with our preschool kids at vacation bible school.

it’s a whole mess of fun.



it’s also a whole mess of energy.

head counting.

hand washing.

shoe tying.

gospel sharing.

how to explain theological concepts to them.

the one who doesn’t know how to read.

one’s who don’t know how to tie shoes yet.

how do you explain sin?


the fall of humanity?

the need for a savior?

without guilting?

without shaming?

today during a lesson, our preschool kids sang a simple song.

Jesus loves me.

simple truth.

that i try to complicate.

Jesus loves me when…

…when i do things.

…when i behave.

or if…

Jesus loves me if…

…if i obey.

…if i don’t question.

that’s not the truth.

the statement isn’t Jesus loves me when…

not Jesus loves me if…

Jesus loves me.


nothing changes that.

nothing keeps us from that.

Jesus loves me.

Jesus loves you.

truth is that simple.

being with the prechool kids this week has got me thinking,

it’s time to go back to basics,

to real truth.

to simple truth.

Jesus loves us.

and He likes us.

just as we are,

right where we are.

let that truth sink deep.

Jesus loves you.

Jesus likes you.

it’s really that simple.

grace, peace and love to y’all this week!


p.s.-check out this song for some more on this truth.

2 thoughts on “jesus loves us

  1. Mary Lee Beatty July 13, 2018 — 4:06 pm

    Such a deep yet simple TRUTH for us to comprehend. He may not LIKE some things we do, but –in fact — Yes Jesus Loves ME. What a belssing and comfort to KNOW that JESUS Really loves us. Yesterday when I made a wrong decision to go on I95 and accidentally went the wrong way and had to go 17 miles before I could turn and go the correct way– First I wondered where my mind went.. Later when I got home all I could do was Thank Jesus for getting me home safely. Glad you have enjoyed the children and could share this important truth with them— May they know it (and we) deep in our hearts. Love You Gran’B


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