this love I have given so willingly.

stop pursuing the very next thing.

and pause to receive today’s blessing.

take things off.

let distractions go.

trust in me as I lead to where you need to go.




My love is everything you need.


my life has been movement. the next thing. direction. process. in the midst of movement and process, the rhythm of resting hasn’t been embraced.

the rhythm of pausing and receiving the love God so willingly gives. rather it’s jumping from one thing to the next. movement in exchange for rest. progress in exchange for pause.

perhaps you can relate.

recently, i hit pause on a part of my life. this pause feels big. what i thought would happen by hitting pause distracted me. kept me from deciding to pause. thoughts played in my head that weren’t real and i felt scared of what others may think. all lies keeping me from stopping and embracing who i am created to be.

what is happening with hitting pause is love. a sweetly intimate outpouring of love.

from God.

from family.

from friends.

and i think it’s been there all along. i just didn’t know the rhythm to slow down and embrace it all.

it’s ok to hit pause.

to stop.

to rest.

to enjoy.

to connect.

to learn this rhythm of resting and receiving.

those things that we are striving for will still be there.








all will still be there when we press start again. maybe even better than before.

pause gives a space to receive the pursuing from our ultimate pursuer-Jesus. space to see where Jesus is in the day to day moments.

the daily feelings. the daily thoughts. the daily responses. the day’s blessing.

God clearly tells us about God’s great love for us over and over again in the Bible. through stories. through laws. through songs. through letters. through Jesus.

and God clearly tells us to rest. it’s something we are designed for. something we need.

a friend wrote this week about what happens when we embrace rest (it’s so good and check it out). maybe it’s about trusting.

in trusting that the rest will fill me and that God will provide when i lay down the right to do and embrace my right to be, i am finding a deeper connection with the One who made me. feeling God’s love. learning God’s truth. trusting what God does. what God says.

pressing pause, slowing down fill us. bringing us closer to the One who made us.

pressing pause and slowing down are letting us hear clearly that God loves us and likes us.

always has.

always will.


in matthew Jesus says come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.

embrace that rest this week. true rest. not doing. simply being who God designed you to be.


would love to hear your thoughts and comments on rest and your ventures on resting this week! send a message or leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going.

much love,


p.s.-Shelley Miller’s blog Sabbath Society  and book that sounds wonderful called Rhythm of Rest are great for more about rest.

1 thought on “pause.

  1. Mary Lee Beatty July 6, 2018 — 10:28 pm

    I have enjoyed each BLOG you have put out. This one on rest is VERY good. Sometimes, I feel, I need “rest” because I am older now and cannot constantly be busy and on the go. Yes, I truly believe God means for us to rest — to feel HIS presence and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I pray this will be a good time of “rest” for you and that you will feel His guidance for your future. Thank you for expressing yourself so well and giving those of us who read your Blog some things to think seriously about. Love You, Gran’B


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