here. now.

here. now.



this is where I have you.

mind out of your past.

not looking ahead.

receiving rather

a love steadfast,

affection that’s true,

and My heart longing,

wanting you.

focusing on the moment

that is here

right now.

the moment where I tell you

I’ll always love you.


wandering thoughts or changing feelings distract from the present moment.

the opportunity.

to engage with our Creator.

the One loving.

the One healing.

the One steadying minds.

the One inviting us to rest.

the One wanting us to be blessed.

the One giving sweet opportunities to relate.

the One providing space to connect.

paul’s letter to the romans paints a beautiful image-nothing can separate us from the love of God. nothing past, nothing to come.

no wandering thought.

no changing feelings.

nothing keeps us from the love of God.

from the opportunity to relate with God. nothing keeps us from the here and now.

here and now is the love of God.

here and now is healing.

here and now there is Jesus.

here and now is an invitation to rest and be blessed.

here and now is the freedom to respond to the One who loves you and likes you.


what does being present feel like for you?

romans 8:34-39 speaks deep freedom. read it. what comes up for you after reading that?

reading romans 8:37-39 out loud has been a practice of freedom, declaring truth as i live in my identity with Christ. i am not separated from Christ. ever. and neither are you. try reading those verses out loud. it sounds weird. i get it. still try it. write down what happens.

hope to hear how it goes for y’all! leave a comment or send a message.

grace and peace,


3 thoughts on “here. now.

  1. So beautifully written, Danielle, that can only happen when you experience the kind of close relationship you have with your Father. Wisdom beyond your years. I look forward to your posts and ask God to continue to bless you and give your readers new insight with their own faith walk. Blessings!


    1. Pat thank you for your kind words! Receive that prayer and pray God blesses you.


  2. Mary Lee Beatty June 7, 2018 — 7:39 pm

    Kevin just left after hooking up my computer. The first thing I opened was G-mail and read your Blog. Very Good, The scripture sheet the minister passed out was recently on Romans so I recalled the scriptures you referred to. ‘Gotta move on — several more to read. Keep up the writing. Love You. Gran’B


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