be still


slow down.

breathe in.

come begin.

hear who I say who are.



not a stranger from afar.

long time friend.


one I want to welcome home.

slow down.

breathe in.

let my love sink deeply in.

stop trying to figure it out.

let go of all fear,

come talk to me about doubt.

be still.

I’ll take your hand.

come and meet who I am.


this week Psalms 46:10, “be still and know that I am God” keeps rushing into my head. with the change and the busyness life throws, fear and doubt waited around. for what reason, I don’t know. maybe because I used to think I had to figure it out even if that meant exhausting myself hustling or planning while trying to figure it out.

slowness and stillness are teaching a new way. they give space for stopping and saying this is too much. space to embrace newly discovered weaknesses. space to surrender to the God who is all strength.

slowness and stillness has been messy and painful and sometimes downright weird. but what’s shown up so clear is that God’s love is all around.

always present.

always near.

being still is not the norm yet, that’s when God’s love comes in.



giving life.

letting us begin to be all God designed us to be.

grace and peace,


p.s.-would love to hear what came up from the ‘become’ post’s writing/reflecting for y’all! jot me a message or leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “be still

  1. Feeling the peace even if it is just for the moment it takes to read the blog. Ahhhh!


    1. Yes. And that peace is a gift God wants to keep inviting us into.


  2. Rebecca Childress June 9, 2018 — 6:05 pm

    Those last two lines! I LOVE that imagery


  3. I like the honesty of “be still”, as well as the “cadence” or rhythm of the shortened lines. It actually made me “slow down” while reading it and “enter into” more of a restful and peaceful mode.
    Good stuff…keep the writing “flowing up and out” like an artesian well.


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