to begin to be.

simply who God made you to be.

not arrive or map it out.

not to alter everything when there’s doubt.

begin to trust.

begin to rest.

begin to love.

begin to bless.

for you are the one He made.

the one He chose.

the one He saved.

we get to be who God made us to be,

as we start this sweet journey.

that’s our right as those who believe

in Jesus Christ and His resurrection love story.

he invites us to relate with Him.

to become,

to simply be,

the person He created you to be.

i thought i had to be someone else,

now i am learning this life is about becoming myself.

not for a story or some weird form of glory,

but simply to embracing being loved by the One who wrote this whole story.

to begin to be who God made you to be.

simply start by letting love in,

the love that set you free.


what does become mean to you? jot your thoughts down!

what does it mean to become who God made you to be? again, jot your thoughts down!

read John 1:12 (the NASB version is in the about page).


take a few minutes to pray. don’t know where to start? pray John 1:12 over yourself and ask God to show you what it means to you.

grace and peace this week to y’all!



3 thoughts on “become

  1. Rebecca Childress May 10, 2018 — 4:34 pm

    Love the reminder to begin to “trust” and “rest” an d”just be.” I find that it is really difficult for me to just breathe into the place I’m living–I’m always trying to figure out the next part and if I’ll like it, before I even get there. This obviously helps nothing, but only adds anxiety to the present. So thanks for reminding me that I need to just rest where I am and trust that it’s right.

    Also the phrase, “let love in,” reminds me of a book I’ve read a few times where a girl who is transitioning to a very different life and is having some trouble adjusting is reminded to “let the love in.” I think sometimes we forget that if we’re not feeling loved, it’s likely because we’re not allowing ourselves to feel it. What a self-sabotaging move.

    Proud of you for this girl, love you!


  2. Mmm true. Becoming a child of God. Receiving the Holy Spirit and His gifts. I think you can’t become who God is making you to be without accepting your past. I read a devotional today (Savor by Shauna Niequist) that struck a cord in a way your “Becoming” post has. Our past leads us to our future, no matter how ugly it is or how bitter we are about it. Now that we’ve received, accepted and believe in God, I think it’s important to be brave enough to search for light in the dark moments of our past so that we can grow stronger in becoming who He’s made us to be. I’m not sure what nuggets of truth I’ll find by doing this, but I’m encouraged by your post to allow myself to examine those memories. Thanks girl, good thoughts!


  3. Love this. For me, “become” is a process of simultaneous grace and mistake-making, of mess and motion and striving and love, so much boundless love. I find comfort in that thought, and peace. Even more, it’s thrilling to think of being invited to become who I am. It’s lovely to know that God isn’t interested in whether or not I fit into the world’s mold. Thanks for these sweet and powerful words, friend.

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